About us

Q Research Group

The Q Research Group was formed in 2016 when is small number of Melbourne based academics interested in Q methodology got together to share ideas and expertise. Zoom was added to the initial face-to-face monthly meetings and the group now includes members from various Australian universities as well as overseas colleagues. The aim of the group is to support and promote researchers using Q methodology. 

The monthly meetings provide members with a setting where they can present current projects, discuss or workshop topics of interest and trial materials. The meetings also afford opportunities to collaborate on joint publications and discuss Q related issues in a safe and supportive environment.

The group has organised the 1st Q Symposium Down Under in 2023, and aims to make it a biennial event.

Join the group

The Q Research Group welcome members from all over the world and from any academic field. You will find group members keen to support you if you are at your first Q project, and interested to listen to your ideas if you are more expert.

The group meet once a month, participation is available online (Zoom) and also face-to-face, and meetings are hosted at the Faculty of Education of the University of Melbourne.

To join the group and be added at the mailing list, send your Expression of Interest to Dr Renata Aliani (renata.aliani@unimelb.edu.au), including name, surname, affiliation (if any), location and research interests.